No flames, plugs, or batteries needed unlike with burners and humidifiers. Functioning as both an air freshener and accent piece simultaneously, these gorgeous reed diffuser flowers and unscented sleek rattan sticks make for a beautiful decorative piece to diffuse our aromatic oils. Our reed sticks are made of natural rattan wood material which is dry, light-weight and environmentally friendly. Channels inside each rattan stick draws up the oil for its diffusion. Add additional reed sticks to further strengthen the aroma of your surroundings or replace old clogged sticks with new ones when switching to a new scent of diffuser. Works wonders with our Premium Aromatherapy Reed Diffusers & Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser Refills.


If needed, trim the ends to desired length to fit in any vase, jar, or bottle



Size S: Package contains 4 Rattan Reed Sticks & 3 Reed Diffuser Flowers 25 cm

Size L: Package contains 4 Rattan Reed Sticks & 3 Reed Diffuser Flowers 35 cm


Reed Stick Sets with Flowers - Large 35 cm

฿150.00 Regular Price
฿120.00Sale Price
  • Gently remove the stopper cap. Insert all of the reed sticks into the bottle of diffuser oil to allow for the ends to soak up the oil. The reeds will draw the oil and emit the aroma into the surroundings. Allow for 24 to 36 hours for the oils to rise up and diffuse. 

    Store in a cool place and keep away from direct sunlight. 

    To enhance the aroma, occasionally flip the reeds over. Change reed sticks each time a new batch of oil or a new fragrance is utilised. 

  • Rattan Wood Sticks with Flower

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