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Up your facial game and tune up your complexion with our complete range of handcrafted natural face products. Nourishing butters, gentle clays, natural exfoliators, plant extracts, pressed oils, and floral waters contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, phytochemicals and many other bioactive compounds that will troubleshoot any area you are working on and will leave your skin cells functioning at its best. At Mystique Arom, we recommend a non-negotiable 3 step daily skincare routine. Order of application is incredibly important to ensure your skin reaps the benefits of each product. Cleanse, Tone, use serums and Moisturize your skin daily in this order (thinnest to thickest consistency), both morning and night time. Exfoliate and use masks on a biweekly basis. Use Spot treatments as per needs.
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