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Let Customers Speak For Us

All time favorite place to shop. There's always something to buy, whether it’s Essential Oils, Scrubs or Diffusers. It is value for money. Never get bored of this place!

Jina Yamazaki, Japan


Well Asiatique is surely a latest addition to the existing markets in Bangkok but with a slightly more modern twist to it. The whole place reminds me of a much larger Clarke Quay. The market cannot be compared to the likes of Chak tu Chak or Khao San in terms of the stuff sold. I did however discover your store, thanks for the lovely service and smiles.

Lisa Chen, Singapore


A MUST visit if you are in Asiatique. Thank you for the wonderful service and smiling staff. I would recommend everyone to visit Mystique Arom.

Joe Lim, Hongkong


Mystique Arom store sells a lot of unique natural personal products. The prices are reasonable, thanks for the wonderful aroma oils, I loved it so much. Recommended!

Gaurav Ghai, Mumbai - India


Many wonderful aromatherapy oils to choose from at Mystique Arom. Enjoyed and will continue shopping here. Great place to spend your money.

Rachel Ang, Hongkong


This is by far the best shop we have been to for beauty products in Asiatique. You can choose from many aroma oils, many scents for diffuser, and many smells of massage oils. We didn't try the hand cream but it was tempting. We will definitely return back to this store.

Chloe Lin, Hong Kong


This is an amazing area of small shops at Asiatique. Loved Mystique Arom store.

Julia Sanders, Canada


This is one of my favorite stores in asiatique! This place has quality stuff !

Lisa Ray, KL Malaysia

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