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Product Disclaimers


At Mystique Arom, all products formulated harness the utmost power of nature and its nourishing benefits. Our kind ingredients are gentle on the skin, harvested from fresh local produce and are handcrafted in small, loving batches.


Our formulators work on extensively researched natural oils, essential oils, plant extracts and floral waters that have traditionally been used over the course of centuries and have known therapeutic properties. However we must give the following product disclaimers to create awareness for someone switching to a natural skincare & aromatherapy regimen.


  • Before using a new product from our product range, we recommend to always do a patch test to ensure the suitability of our product to your skin. In case of any adverse allergic reactions, discontinue use. Mystique Arom is not responsible for any individual reaction to any particular ingredient. The formula is not defective/ineffective, individual skin sensitivity varies from person to person and also through different stages during an individual’s lifetime. 


  • People with sensitivities to the listed ingredients of each product should not use the product. Consult your physician for use during pregnancy.


  • Store products away from moisture & exposure to sunlight to retain maximum freshness and benefits of the ingredients. Keep the cap tightly closed after use as natural oils can easily become rancid even with the slightest amount of water contamination. Make sure your palms are dried when in contact with the cap/lid of all products.


  • Store products at room temperature to maintain consistency. Weather fluctuations may affect consistency of the oils but their quality remains unaffected. During the cold, oil may solidify and turn cloudy, simply place the bottle in a bowl of warm water to regain consistency. 


  • All products are meant for external use only. While using the products, avoid getting products in the eye and in the nostrils as the astringent properties of some natural ingredients may slightly sting.

  • Although many listed ingredients have healing and medicinal properties. Our products are meant for personal use and not as an alternative to medical care. Our product benefits and recommendation information are based on researched and published sources, collected from multiple sources to help guide our customers to the product use. Please do not use the information found on our website or product labels to self-diagnose or as a prescription to treat any health issues. Should you have any concern that requires medical attention, seek and consult your doctor

  • You need time to reap the benefits. There’s no such thing as a quick fix with skincare routines. Results will only be noticeable through consistent use. Aim to use each product at least 6 to 8 weeks to notice or feel any difference. Healing and rejuvenating works as a process and commitment is key.

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