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Our Story

Years of blending freshly handcrafted products

Khun Vanvimol has over 20 years, experienced hyper-sensitive skin and eczema. From routined dermatologist’s consultations and prescriptions of over the counter skin creams, she found that they eased her symptoms but lacked long term effectiveness and recurred shortly in its absence. She gave natural skincare products a shot only to find them with scaled down lists of unpronounceable chemicals, claiming to be natural at the front label otherwise not comprising any natural ingredients.


 From then, Khun Vanvimol began learning to make natural and organic products, researching from books on Thai Alternative Medicine and Indian Ayurvedic formulas, taking classes and experimenting on herself the blends she creates so she can use good homemade spa products. It is with this notion that Mystique Arom began its humble journey in 2012 with its store inaugurated at Asiatique - The Riverfront.

Mystique Arom was co-founded by Khun Dave & Khun Vanvimol with the goal of preparing formulations that would best utilize the mystical healing powers of mother nature. Their handcrafted products comprise of ethically sourced essential oils from India and Thailand and are formulated without SLS, SLES, Parabens, Phthalates, Triclosan, Synthetic Colors & Mineral Oils. Mystique Arom’s mystical range of handcrafted blends satisfy every person’s ultimate skin care regime from cleansing, exfoliating, toning to moisturizing.


In 2014, Mystique Arom acquired Thailand’s FDA License for all their products and began exhibiting at trade shows. In the subsequent year, they doubled the size of their store at Asiatique - The Riverfront.

Today, this homegrown company has ventured to be a global brand with a customer base beyond Thailand, exporting products to their customers and distributors in many countries. Mystique Arom looks forward to expanding its outreach and relentlessly strives in its belief to fill lives with enchanting aromas, radiant glow, long candlelit baths and therapeutic massages.

“ What goes on, goes in, so be picky with what you let to go on”
- Team Mystique Arom
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