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While Synthetic-based soaps are especially drying to use, Glycerin soaps are considered to be one of the most moisturizing types of soap. They are derived from plant oils and are natural humectants that moisturize the skin by drawing water from the air into the skin’s layer. Glycerin soaps do not strip off your skin’s good natural oil, they help lock in your skin’s natural moisture and prevent over drying. They are gentler than other soaps, making them suitable to use even for people with dry and sensitive skin. 


Infused with jojoba oil which closely mimics the skin's own sebum. Jojoba oil is full of nutrients and antioxidants, which absorbs very easily into the skin. It soothes dry irritated skin, helps tame inflammations and balances overproduction of oil. Vitamin E helps protect the skin from sun damage and strengthens the skin barrier function.

Rose - Natural Glycerin Handmade Soap 100 gm