The latest weapon to your anti-aging arsenal are these Natural Silk Cocoons, the protective  casing that silkworms weave and spin around themselves. One of the best kept secrets of Geishas & ancient chinese women and their centuries old skincare routines they carried out has once again gained traction as a simple yet effective routine to maintain soft & flawless skin. 

The silk cocoon is slightly abrasive with the fiber made of fibroin, a protein which gives it exfoliating properties. Consistent use of the cocoons deep cleanses the pores, removes impurities, eliminates dead skin cells to reveal soft and smooth skin. While sericin, another protein that binds the silk thread together contains 18 different amino acids that has been shown to seal in the moisture of the skin and replenish collagen production. This improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin, heals acne scars & wrinkles, combats hyperpigmentation & uv damage, delivering a soft, clear and younger complexion.

Thai Silk Cocoon - Natural Facial Scrubs 50 gm

  • Soak the cocoons in lukewarm water for 5-10 minutes until it softens. Place them onto your fingertips. On a cleansed face, gently massage the cocoons in circular strokes, concentrating especially on the T-zone and troubled areas. Rinse your face and apply moisturizer. For an enhanced experience, use the cocoons in combination with one of our facial scrubs.

    Do not use if you have silk allergy. Stop using it if your skin has any kind of reaction to this product.

    Store in Cool Dry place

    For external use only

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