If your beauty sleep is in need of a serious boost, we've got just the remedy. Our Natural Pillow Mist is a deep sleep formula enriched with Natural Sleep Oils like Lavender, Spearmint, Bergamot & Lemongrass Essential Oils. Inhalation of these natural oils calm the nervous system, reduces anxious thoughts by altering your brain waves  to produce a more relaxed state and promotes the physiological conditions that take place during the body’s natural transition to sleep. Not only do these essential oils promote sleep, but they can also diminish anxiety and relieve stress that builds up throughout the day.


THAI FDA : 10 - 1 - 5846655



Natural Pillow Mist Sleep Spray - Lavender & Spearmint

Natural Pillow Mist Sleep Spray - Lavender & Bergamot

Natural Pillow Mist Sleep Spray - Lemongrass

Lemongrass - Natural Pillow Mist Sleep Spray 60 ml

  • Spray onto your pillow, sheets or surroundings to drift into a restful and deep sleep.

Natural Skincare & Aromatherapy Products handcrafted in Thailand using fresh botanicals & essential oils combined with modern dermatological science. Free Shipping in Thailand.

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