Yin & Yang: Harmonizing essential oil blends that balance our yin deficiency and yang excess energy from work-life balance and modern society struggles.

Aromatic Notes: Rosewood & Patchouli


Along with skin nourishing, hydrating and ache soothing properties, Yin & Yang delivers a killer combo of harmonizing essential oil blends that balance our yin deficiency and yang excess energy from work-life balance and modern society struggles.


Treat your skin to nourishing and calming properties of the Aromatherapy Moisturizing Massage Oil, a multi tasking Massage, Body & Bath Oil formulated with all plant based ingredients & essential oils. Our oils contain highly nutritive base oils of Grape Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Sesame Seed Oil & Rice Bran Oil  which contain omega 3 and 6 fats, as well as other essential vitamins & nutrients that moisturise, tone, and penetrate deeply into the skin.This lightweight, non-greasy formula readily absorbs into the skin without clogging pores. They are carefully blended with essential oils and botanical infusions that address just about every skin and mind concern. Massage daily on the skin to achieve skin goals and to promote deep relaxation of the tissues and de-stress naturally.


Key Essential Oils:

Lavender: Lavender’s natural relaxing scent promotes a sense of calmness. Use it as a part of your relaxing ritual when you’re in need of a fast-track to tranquillity as it can relax the brain waves to reduce feelings of nervous tension & stress. Works as a sleep aid for some people who suffer from insomnia. It eliminates bacteria, relieves pain, relieves muscle spasms, relieves flatulence, disinfect and soothes inflamed skin, promotes speedy healing of irritated and scarred skin, and relieves muscle tension when used in a massage.


Patchouli: Active components of Patchouli give it the reputation of being a grounding, soothing, and peace-inducing oil. It can encourage restful sleep, stimulate sensual energy and improve negative moods. Topically applied, it can stimulate skin repair, moisturize rough and chapped skin, and reduce the appearance of blemishes. Its astringent properties help prevent the early onset of sagging skin and retains youthful appearance of the skin.


Rosewood: Mild sedative effect promotes relaxation. Anti inflammatory actions reduce inflammation and encourage skin cells to regenerate. Improves blood flow and reduces muscle tension and joint aches.

100 % Chemical Free


THAI FDA : 10 - 1 - 5741596

Yin Yang - Premium Aromatherapy Moisturizing Massage Oil 100 ml

฿950.00 Regular Price
฿850.00Sale Price
  • As a Daily Body Moisturizer/Body Oil: Slather the oil onto your body. Massage gently to allow the nourishing nutrients to penetrate. Apply it as an overnight body moisturizer for a pleasant sleep and wake up to baby soft skin. Apply as often as desired. Use Daily

    As a Bath Oil: Pour a generous amount into warm running bath water. Slip into the water, take long deep breaths and inhale the pleasant vapors.

    As a Massage Oil: Pour into your palm. Massage the skin in circular motions using known pressure techniques. Pair it with our Wooden Massage sticks to enhance your experience.

Natural Skincare & Aromatherapy Products handcrafted in Thailand using fresh botanicals & essential oils combined with modern dermatological science. Free Shipping in Thailand.

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