AROMA : FLORAL - Classic and timeless. Soft smelling and very much like the flowers. Sweet-smelling and creating a feeling of cheerfulness.

Uplift the ambience in your abode with these rich and enigmatic scents of Aroma Oils.These fine essence oils draw inspiration from floral blooms and exotic asian plant extracts. Each creation is unique and potent with dreamy, bittersweet, citrusy notes, floral or woodsy aromas that can create an invigorating and pleasant environment. 
Pair the Premium Aroma Oil with one of our stylish Oil Burners.

Night Jasmine - Premium Aroma Oil Burner 30 ml

฿200.00 Regular Price
฿170.00Sale Price
  • Place 5-10 drops of the oil together with some water into the top of our oil burner. The oil should be about 5 % of the amount of water. Light the candle at the base of the burner. The oil/water mixture will start to heat and evaporate, scenting the room.

Natural Skincare & Aromatherapy Products handcrafted in Thailand using fresh botanicals & essential oils combined with modern dermatological science. Free Shipping in Thailand.

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