Spritz on this all natural foot spray to revive & combat tough odors with fine blends of Tea Tree, Pine, Peppermint and Orange Essential oils. Smelly feet occur because our sweaty moist feet and shoes provide perfect conditions for bacterias to thrive and produce bad smells. Tea Tree Oil has a potent antiseptic ability which means it can drive away bacterias that generate bad foot odor at the same time also protecting the feet from unpleasant dryness and irritation. Peppermint and pine essential oil helps reduce muscle aches, inflammation of tired feet and offers relief from skin irritation. Together, the essential oils sanitize, hydrate and deodorize your feet and foot gear by masking odors and leaving behind the trail of a fresh, cheerful scent with a cool, tingling sensation on the feet.


THAI FDA : 10 - 1 - 5846600

Foot Spray - Anti Foot Odor Formula 60 ml

฿250.00 Regular Price
฿220.00Sale Price
  • Shake well before use. Spray evenly onto dried & clean feet as required. Allow to dry. Make sure to spray on foot soles and between toes.

Natural Skincare & Aromatherapy Products handcrafted in Thailand using fresh botanicals & essential oils combined with modern dermatological science. Free Shipping in Thailand.

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