Find a functional yet stylish statement piece for your home. Rise to the occasion and enjoy delightfully intoxicating scents of nature’s most fragrant floras at your abode with these Sand Stone & Ceramic Oil Burners. Handcrafted in Thailand by our artisans, each piece is unique with varied colors and sizes, intricate cut outs and glazed with gloss or matte finish. Illuminate a warm glow with a tea light candle beneath and drop in our Essential Oil or Premium Aroma Oil.


Dimensions: Width _ * Height _ cm

Banyan Tree Oil Burner - Large

  • Before use, fill the burner with warm water until about two-thirds full. Add 5-10 drops of our Essential Oil or Premium Aroma Oil. The amount of oil to be used may vary depending on Burner size and room size. Add a few more drops to adjust for a stronger aroma as desired. Light a tea light candle in the opening on the base.

    • Be cautious when moving the burner around as the surface or the liquid may still be hot.

    • When in use, do not leave the burning candle unattended.

    • Keep out of reach of children and pets.

    • Keep away from flammable objects.

    • To prevent damage to the Oil Burner, ensure to fill in warm water before lighting the tea light candle.